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Beautiful blackout Roller Blinds

From intricate detailing with statement designs and ecclectic palettes, our stunning range of roller blinds has something to suit each and every taste. With over 150 block colours in blackout and dimout and over 70 different fabrics with design and texture at their core, there is a blind for everyone.

Roller blinds are simple by design and chances are you have owned and/or used roller blinds before. The fabric is attached to an aluminium tube which is operated by a chain, that when pulled, rolls the fabric up and down on the tube. Simple as that! This makes roller blinds really easy to use and maintain whilst also making them practical and versatile for most applications!

So we already know that there are lots of different colour and design choices, so let’s discuss a little about the main fabric types and their benefits and take a look at a couple of examples for sale via the website.

Dimout fabrics are general all-rounders in the roller blind world. The fabric allows some light to pass through the main body of the fabric, which is great if the room isn’t a bedroom and doesn’t need to be in complete darkness. Ambient light can be great for our mood and has a general uplifting quality. Great for the home and workplace alike, dimout roller blinds can be a great addition to any environment whilst making the room feel light and air. Our block colour dim out range is called “Splash” and the equivalent fabrics in blackout are called “Bella” with the “Vitra” range offering slightly different hues.

Stunning contemporary dimout blind in a kitchen. Client ordered, "Mezza Gris" available via the My Blinds Online website
Stunning contemporary dimout blind in a kitchen. The client ordered, “Mezza Gris” available via the My Blinds Online website.

Blackout fabrics are great for bedrooms or rooms which require total privacy and/or darkness. The blackout properties of a roller blind refer to the main body of the fabric. There is always a little light bleed at the side of roller blinds that are measured to be fit inside the window recess – but that’s just the nature of the product. The fabric steps in slightly at each side to allow for the components and operating chain. If the roller blind is measured and fit outside the window recess you can cover the whole window and potentially get better blackout properties. So if you need it to be dark to sleep then blackout roller blinds this is the solution for you! Available in a huge range of neutrals, vibrant bright colours and stunning patterns and designs there is a blind for every taste. Search through the collection and find a fabric you love!

Beautiful blackout Roller Blinds
Beautiful blackout roller blinds in a bedroom, the client ordered: “Bella blackout Frost” available via the My Blinds Online website.

PVC roller blinds offer a few additional benefits too! along with being blackout, they are also great for areas of high moisture content or where they could need to be a bit more robust. Think kitchens and bathrooms for the moisture capabilities and then nurseries, playrooms and kids bedrooms for being more durable and hard-wearing. In the kitchens and bathrooms their waterproof quality means it doesn’t matter if they get wet, they can dry off and be wiped down! And if the kids get them mucky or get the wax crayons and lipstick on them, they can wipe clean! So overall a great all-rounder which is available in block colours and with stunning patterns and designs alike.

 PVC Roller blinds are durable and can be wiped clean from light soiling and stains.
PVC Roller blinds are durable and can be wiped clean from light soiling and stains. PVC roller blinds are available to buy via the My Blinds Online website.

So visit our roller blind section now and browse the fabric collection and see what would give your home the lift it needs!

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